How desperate are you for your fishing bait?

If the opportunity arises to take a fishing trip, it can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the right bait to hand. When the shops are closed and it is too late to order online, what do you do? If you are heading out to sea, you could go the beach and dig up the lugworms you need. But even a digging session can go wrong and we don’t mean because there are no worms.

How desperate are you for your fishing bait?
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Best baits for summer bream

Small bream in hand

Are you chasing bream and not meeting with success? Perhaps you need to rethink your fishing bait! Whether in stillwaters or rivers, shoals of bream can be there for the taking but often manage to avoid your hook completely! You can succeed and without breaking the bank if you choose the right bait.
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