A Guide to Artificial Lures

If you’re new to fishing, the world of fishing baits and lures can be a confusing topic. You’ll find you have a vast array of bait and lures to choose from and you may be wondering what’s what and how to make the best choices.

This article is all about artificial lures. This type of lure has the advantage that you can use them again and again, unless of course they’re lost or a fish makes off with them. With a selection of lures at the ready, in time you may discover you have certain favourites that you wouldn’t be without; lures that help you to Continue reading “A Guide to Artificial Lures”

Weird and Wonderful Fishing Bait

Most anglers have their preferred baits and will set off on their fishing trips well-prepared with it. But what happens when they’re not prepared, they run out of bait or simply feel like trying something new? Anglers have proven to be a highly resourceful and inventive bunch and have been seen using the strangest Continue reading “Weird and Wonderful Fishing Bait”

11 Essentials For Your Fishing Box

What are the most essential items to include in your fishing box?

The answer to that question will depend on who you’re talking to, where they fish and what they’re fishing for of course. Everyone has their own idea of what ‘essential’ means – does it mean things that it’s pretty damn annoying to discover you’ve forgotten? or is it items without which your day (or night) fishing is completely ruined?

Continue reading “11 Essentials For Your Fishing Box”