Best baits for summer bream

Small bream in hand

Are you chasing bream and not meeting with success? Perhaps you need to rethink your fishing bait! Whether in stillwaters or rivers, shoals of bream can be there for the taking but often manage to avoid your hook completely! You can succeed and without breaking the bank if you choose the right bait.
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How to use pellets for carp fishing

It can be difficult to know where to start with pellets, as there really are many different ways to use them and different choices that can be made as to which kinds you should use. Having said that, it is definitely worthwhile learning about the ins and outs of pellet usage, because it is an integral aspect of carp fishing and a sound knowledge can Continue reading “How to use pellets for carp fishing”

What is the best bait for carp fishing?

If you can find bait which seems to stir some extra enthusiasm in the waters, then you are already some way towards a successful session. There are various options though when it comes to bait for carp fishing and the market for great quality products in this department appears to keep on expanding. It can only be useful then to take a moment to consider a few of the various options on offer that give you the best chance of success.

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How to Make Your Own Boilies

If you enjoy fishing for carp, barbel, catfish or tench, it’s a great idea to make your own boilies. A little DIY enables you to tailor your bait to your needs and to experiment with flavours. Your pride in your catches will be considerably enhanced when you know that you created the successful bait yourself! Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Boilies”

How to Make Groundbait for Carp Fishing

Mixing Groundbait

Not so long ago you had little choice when it came to groundbait. It was breadcrumbs or bust! But now you have a mind-boggling choice! But that newfound choice means life is a little more complicated. Regardless of which groundbait you choose you will have to prepare it properly to maximise its potential. Continue reading “How to Make Groundbait for Carp Fishing”

A Guide to Fishing Particle Baits

Particle bait is a cost effective and highly versatile choice. This form of bait includes a range of seeds, pulses and nuts that are appealing to fish and which can be used as both groundbait and hookbait. This type of bait does require preparation, but the time that you spend doing this is balanced by your ability to freeze the prepared particles for future use. So which particle baits should you consider trying?


This particle bait is a highly effective choice that is very appealing to most species of fish. Carp, in particular, find hempseed very hard to resist and it is a rich and oily bait which clearly possesses a tempting flavour.

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Hempseed Particle Fishing Bait

Hempseed is a highly effective particle fishing bait that is a powerful attractant to most species of fish. It’s rich and oily, inexpensive and versatile meaning that it should shoot straight to the top of your shopping list if you’re yet to try it.

A Little History

Hempseed is the seed of the hemp plant. This is an environmentally friendly crop as it requires no chemical pesticides or fertilisers to grow and it is good for the soil too. Hemp fibres were originally Continue reading “Hempseed Particle Fishing Bait”

How to Boost Your Bait with Attractants

Attractants are big business and offer your intended catch a huge variety of flavours to savour. If you want to increase your luck without too much effort or breaking the bank then attractants could certainly be the way forward but what should you use?

Natural Extracts

Pouring Molasses by Chris Waits via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Pouring Molasses by Chris Waits via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Fishing Bait on a Budget

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Fishing Liquid Attractants? What about Audible Attractants?

You may have used fishing liquid attractants in order to enhance your chances of a good catch in the past. Mankind has been attempting to outwit fish since time began and anglers like us are now well versed in choosing bait, lures and attractants to improve our success rate. Fishing liquid attractants can be highly effective but there could be another weapon to add to your fishing armoury that you might not have previously considered. This Continue reading “Fishing Liquid Attractants? What about Audible Attractants?”