Do you need a brolly for your fishing trip?

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There’s nothing better than a spending a gorgeous summer’s day on the banks of a river or lake! With your rods out and set-up, your shades on and the sun glistening on the water, all is right with the world. The fish are at your mercy and your first catch is just moments away. But could there be something missing?

Protecting your bait

Warm sunny days are wonderful and certainly bring the feel-good-factor to your angling trips. But they can play havoc with fresh bait or dampened pellets. Everything tends to dry out before you get a chance to use it and that can be enormously frustrating.

Then there’s the British weather which can deliver all four seasons in a single day! That sunny afternoon can soon produce a shower which might not be sufficient to see you running for cover but will leave you feeling unpleasantly damp.

Your handy fishing umbrella

A good fishing umbrella can come in extremely handy, whatever the weather on any given day. Providing shade and shelter, a brolly protects your bait and keeps you feeling comfortable in the sunshine as well as the rain. It’s a lightweight and mobile shelter that you shouldn’t leave home without – ever!

What to look for in a fishing umbrella

Your fishing umbrella should be light enough to transport easily. Fibreglass arms reduce the weight of the best models, making them much more practical but without sacrificing strength and durability. Your umbrella is going to take a beating and needs to be up to the task.

It helps if you have a model with a wide spread and one which is adjustable throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. An adjustable brolly will also enable you to angle it precisely to protect you from rainfall or the sun. Pegging points will allow you to secure the umbrella and keep it in situ when the wind is blowing. You can continue fishing when others are desperately trying to hold on to their brollies!

You will also benefit from a fishing umbrella which offers UV protection as it will ensure that you are safe when you are spending several hours exposed to the sun.

On rainy days, waterproof taped seams keep you, your bait and your tackle out of the worst of the weather. You will be more comfortable and your bait will remain in prime condition for longer. If you think that you might benefit from additional height occasionally, a telescopic brolly pole is a real boon.

Don’t leave home without it!

Your fishing umbrella protects you and your bait from the sun and the rain. It can also act as a windbreak. Your brolly will work hard for you and thankfully is an accessory that won’t cost the earth. A brolly is definitely a great investment and once you have found the perfect model for you, don’t leave home without it!

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Pouring Molasses by Chris Waits via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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