Fishing Liquid Attractants

Folklore and the humble Banana

Ask any boat fisherman about bananas and you’ll probably get a frosty response, suspicious looks and may even get asked to leave the boat if you have been foolish enough to pack one of these seemingly innocent fruits in your lunch box for your day’s fishing expedition. It seems that fishermen in general are a Continue reading “Fishing Liquid Attractants”

A-Maize-Ing Fishing Bait

Particle baits are highly effective for carp and course fishing but must be properly prepared. Under-prepared baits can be fatal to fish as the bait absorbs water and then swells. If this process occurs inside the fish’s gut then Continue reading “A-Maize-Ing Fishing Bait”

Fishing Pellets Fix

A Bit of Background

Fishing pellets never used to be a big thing in bait. They exist because of their background as fish food used for commercial and privately owned stock. Today fishing pellets are one of the most popular baits out there used for fishing on commercial waters and this big change all came about when Continue reading “Fishing Pellets Fix”

11 Essentials For Your Fishing Box

What are the most essential items to include in your fishing box?

The answer to that question will depend on who you’re talking to, where they fish and what they’re fishing for of course. Everyone has their own idea of what ‘essential’ means – does it mean things that it’s pretty damn annoying to discover you’ve forgotten? or is it items without which your day (or night) fishing is completely ruined?

Continue reading “11 Essentials For Your Fishing Box”