Fishing Bait on a Budget

As we’ve highlighted in previous articles, anglers have had amazing success using just about everything as fishing bait. This is great news if you’re really on a budget as it shows that you have plenty of options. If money’s tight then we certainly wouldn’t recommend Continue reading “Fishing Bait on a Budget”

Angler Eats a Potentially Record Catch

Back in 2011 the UK record for a shore-caught Sea Bass was an impressive 19lbs 11oz. However, that record would surely have been surpassed had angler Kurt Price not eaten his prize catch before getting around to weighing it.

The Chosen Fishing Bait and the Catch

Kurt Price was a keen angler from Cwnbran, Wales. He was fishing from the shore in the popular holiday resort of Tenby. At around 10pm one evening he Continue reading “Angler Eats a Potentially Record Catch”

The Stunning Kulik Lodge

It’s not cheap but if you want to enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime and then some, you could do a lot worse than heading for Kulik Lodge. This outstanding fishing lodge is situated in the heart of Katmai National Park, Alaska. The scenery is sublime and the fishing is pretty exciting too.

It’s hard to imagine anywhere quite as remote as Kulik Lodge. Surrounded by the peaks and glaciers of the Aleutian Range, the lodge can only be accessed by Continue reading “The Stunning Kulik Lodge”

Carp Fishing at Drayton Reservoir

If you enjoy carp fishing and are looking for the best fishery to visit then you could do a lot worse than Drayton Reservoir. Situated off the A361 near Daventry, Northamptonshire, Drayton Reservoir enjoys an excellent reputation and has just had an impressive revamp. Continue reading “Carp Fishing at Drayton Reservoir”

Fishing Liquid Attractants? What about Audible Attractants?

You may have used fishing liquid attractants in order to enhance your chances of a good catch in the past. Mankind has been attempting to outwit fish since time began and anglers like us are now well versed in choosing bait, lures and attractants to improve our success rate. Fishing liquid attractants can be highly effective but there could be another weapon to add to your fishing armoury that you might not have previously considered. This Continue reading “Fishing Liquid Attractants? What about Audible Attractants?”

Millions of Fish Die in Volcanic Lake – Were Carp pellets at Fault?

Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia is the world’s largest volcanic lake. The water occupies the enormous caldera of a super volcano which erupted approximately 75,000 years ago. It was one of the most violent geological events in history. Today the lake is home to millions of fish with many being reared by local fish farmers. This month literally millions of the fish were discovered Continue reading “Millions of Fish Die in Volcanic Lake – Were Carp pellets at Fault?”

Weird and Wonderful Fishing Bait

Most anglers have their preferred baits and will set off on their fishing trips well-prepared with it. But what happens when they’re not prepared, they run out of bait or simply feel like trying something new? Anglers have proven to be a highly resourceful and inventive bunch and have been seen using the strangest Continue reading “Weird and Wonderful Fishing Bait”

All About UK Carp Fishing

Carp are now one of the most popular targets for freshwater fishermen in the UK and Carp fishing tackle is reported to be one of the biggest growth areas in the fishing tackle industry, accounting for a good share of the estimated £600 Million per year in turnover just for the UK market.

Carp fishing is therefore a significant branch of a very profitable industry and one which entices many thousands of participants out onto the riverbank or lake shore every weekend.

So where did the sport come from and how did it become so popular? Continue reading “All About UK Carp Fishing”

When is the Best Time to Go Trout Fishing?

The answer to the question ‘when is the best time to go trout fishing?‘ will depend on where you intend to fish. A warm summer’s day makes the prospect of spending time in the great outdoors an appealing one, but this may not be when the fish are most likely to bite. Perform a quick online search and you will likely find conflicting advice on the best time of year to Continue reading “When is the Best Time to Go Trout Fishing?”

Fishing Liquid Attractants

Folklore and the humble Banana

Ask any boat fisherman about bananas and you’ll probably get a frosty response, suspicious looks and may even get asked to leave the boat if you have been foolish enough to pack one of these seemingly innocent fruits in your lunch box for your day’s fishing expedition. It seems that fishermen in general are a Continue reading “Fishing Liquid Attractants”