Best baits for summer bream

Small bream in hand

Are you chasing bream and not meeting with success? Perhaps you need to rethink your fishing bait! Whether in stillwaters or rivers, shoals of bream can be there for the taking but often manage to avoid your hook completely! You can succeed and without breaking the bank if you choose the right bait.
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The National Angling Survey 2018

salmonAnglers are bound by variety of rules and regulations, the benefits of which may not always be clear. It can be frustrating when you believe that there should be changes to the rules and you lack any authority to influence the powers that be – in the case of angling, primarily the
Environment Agency. But we have great news!

Anglers are being given a chance to shape the future of their sport by participating in the new National Angling survey.

Make your opinion count

The Environment Agency will be seeking the opinions of both current and lapsed rod licence holders via a simple online questionnaire. This will constitute the largest survey of anglers since 2002 when over 300,000 anglers took part and helped to inspire the changes they were looking for.

The 2002 survey led to the creation of free rod licences for junior anglers together with a 365-day permit and a carp licence which permitted anglers to use three carp rods on one licence. The Environment agency have said that they continue to value the opinions of anglers and would like to invite them to help shape the new National Angling Strategy. This will be delivered through various partnerships in the angling community with the aim of enhancing the sport.

The Survey

The new survey will be run on behalf of the Environment Agency by the study group Substance. It will be open to both freshwater and sea anglers. The results will be published via partner organisations including The Angling Trust. Naturally, we will be looking out for the results and will bring you a summary of them right here at Fishing Bait World.

If you would like your voice to be heard, now is your time!

The survey will form the basis of the research required to create a new National Angling Strategy for 2019-2024. This will encompass many aspects of angling including:

• Encouraging more people to take part
• Ensuring that angling better contributes to society
• The governance and funding of angling
• The development of both freshwater and sea angling
• Ensuring that angling helps fisheries to be more sustainable

Consultation and change

In addition to the survey, consultation will be conducted with angling and environmental bodies. This follows the Angling Trust’s Future Angling conference which was held on November 17th. The conference provided a forum in which to collect the opinions of anglers together with those of clubs, fisheries, trade and tackle shops.

Substance are keen that as many anglers as possible take the National Angling Survey to record their views and experiences. Anglers will have a say in how the sport should be developed and who should be responsible for what.

Interested? Keep an eye on the Substance and Angling Trust websites where you will soon find links to the survey. If you don’t take part, you will be passing up one of the few opportunities that you may have to truly make a difference to the future of Angling. Why would you do that?

Why you should become a Stalker

camouflage fishing jacketYou have probably experienced many disappointing days by the lake when there is simply no action to be had. At least there appears to be no action. But what if there was something you could do to snaffle a bite? Sometimes it can pay to turn stalker and hunt down your catch rather than sitting around waiting for it to arrive at your swim.
In warmer weather, stalking will add a little excitement to your fishing trips and might deliver a more productive day. Here’s a few tips on how to become a successful stalker!
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How to keep cool on the bank

You might be well-used to wrapping up warm for a winter fishing trip, but what can you do about the heat? The increasingly extreme weather in the UK is just as capable of delivering a heat wave as freezing conditions. Hot weather can make life extremely uncomfortable but may also lead to sunstroke. Your fishing trip could be cut short and you might end up feeling very ill indeed if you don’t look after yourself.
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How to take better fishing photos

Fisherman holds fish silver coho salmon

Your fishing expeditions will take you to some stunning places and could yield record catches. But how often have you had your camera at the ready to capture a special moment? To make matter’s worse, you have probably taken a few snaps only to be sorely disappointed with the results.
Here’s how to create amazing memories of the places you have visited, the special catches that you have achieved and the amazing moments which light up your life from time to time when your rod is in your hand.
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Landing Your Catch

landing netThere’s nothing more depressing than losing a fish! You spent hours on the bank waiting for a bite and then your prize catch quickly turns into the one that got away! You have lost your golden moment and a great photographic opportunity! Here’s our top tips for playing your fish well and landing your catch.

The rule of opposites

Most species know their underwater environment in detail and so are ready to make a run for any snags and other underwater obstacles at the first sign of trouble. They will head straight towards them and will tend to move in the opposite direction to where you are trying to pull them. If the tip of your rod is to the right, the fish will move to the left. You can use this knowledge to your advantage to lead the fish away from the snags and into your waiting net.
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Do you need a brolly for your fishing trip?

Rain, umbrella, bench, fishing Fortepan 84944

There’s nothing better than a spending a gorgeous summer’s day on the banks of a river or lake! With your rods out and set-up, your shades on and the sun glistening on the water, all is right with the world. The fish are at your mercy and your first catch is just moments away. But could there be something missing?

Protecting your bait

Warm sunny days are wonderful and certainly bring the feel-good-factor to your angling trips. But they can play havoc with fresh bait or dampened pellets. Everything tends to dry out before you get a chance to use it and that can be enormously frustrating.

Then there’s the British weather which can deliver all four seasons in a single day! That sunny afternoon can soon produce a shower which might not be sufficient to see you running for cover but will leave you feeling unpleasantly damp.

Your handy fishing umbrella

A good fishing umbrella can come in extremely handy, whatever the weather on any given day. Providing shade and shelter, a brolly protects your bait and keeps you feeling comfortable in the sunshine as well as the rain. It’s a lightweight and mobile shelter that you shouldn’t leave home without – ever!

What to look for in a fishing umbrella

Your fishing umbrella should be light enough to transport easily. Fibreglass arms reduce the weight of the best models, making them much more practical but without sacrificing strength and durability. Your umbrella is going to take a beating and needs to be up to the task.

It helps if you have a model with a wide spread and one which is adjustable throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. An adjustable brolly will also enable you to angle it precisely to protect you from rainfall or the sun. Pegging points will allow you to secure the umbrella and keep it in situ when the wind is blowing. You can continue fishing when others are desperately trying to hold on to their brollies!

You will also benefit from a fishing umbrella which offers UV protection as it will ensure that you are safe when you are spending several hours exposed to the sun.

On rainy days, waterproof taped seams keep you, your bait and your tackle out of the worst of the weather. You will be more comfortable and your bait will remain in prime condition for longer. If you think that you might benefit from additional height occasionally, a telescopic brolly pole is a real boon.

Don’t leave home without it!

Your fishing umbrella protects you and your bait from the sun and the rain. It can also act as a windbreak. Your brolly will work hard for you and thankfully is an accessory that won’t cost the earth. A brolly is definitely a great investment and once you have found the perfect model for you, don’t leave home without it!

Everything you need to know about terminal tackle

From the hook that holds your bait in just the right position to the floats that provide that all-important bite indication, terminal tackle is the kit you find at the business end of your line. You need the leads that enable you to take your line out to where the fish are hiding together with the swivels and clips that hold an effective rig to the line and much more besides.
Anglers rely on terminal tackle to deliver the results they are looking for!

What should you look for?

Your specific needs will depend on your chosen angling discipline, the species you are targeting, and the kinds of venues you usually choose to fish. Venues often have their own rules regarding what types of terminal tackle can be used and these may dictate what you decide to invest in when you are equipping your tackle box.

You should look for strong, durable and corrosion-resistant terminal tackle. Colours that can be seen from the bank but which are low-profile when below the surface are essential. You need shapes and textures that will draw the fish in and won’t spook them when they are feeding on your free baits.

How much terminal tackle should you buy?

Less is rarely more with terminal tackle. It is best to give yourself numerous options, so choose various patterns, sizes and weights. This will give you the greatest chance of having the perfect rig for any given circumstances.

On the other hand, you don’t want to weigh yourself down too much or clutter up your tackle box! To give yourself the best chance of success, research the venues that you will be fishing to discover what hook patterns and types of terminal tackle are typically allowed or are favoured by those who fish there.

You can then decide what to buy and, depending on where you are heading for a particular trip, you can always choose to reduce what you have to carry by leaving any items which you are unlikely to use at home for the day.

Experiment with your terminal tackle

As you progress on your angling adventure, you can experiment with different options and find out what works for you at each venue. You will discover what feels right and what delivers the best results.

No guarantees

If we could tell you which terminal tackle is guaranteed to work well for you, we would. But there are no sure things with angling! What works for one person or at a certain venue, may do nothing at all for the next guy. You will also find that a set-up which yields you amazing success one day will leave you scratching your head on your next trip. Patterns will emerge if you are paying attention and you will learn what tends to work and when.

Ultimately, it is your skill and initiative which will get you the results you are looking for. Your terminal tackle is just the final piece in the jigsaw.

Coarse fishing close season – the debate

15 March – 15 June is the close season for coarse fishing. Coarse fishing on rivers is banned during this period but angling on still waters continues. A recent survey revealed that 71% of the 7,000 anglers who voted were in favour of abolishing the close season. But would that be a good idea?

Where’s the evidence?

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A bad week for Liverpool’s anglers

It’s been a bad week for Liverpool! Both footy fans and Anglers have encountered disaster, leaving the Anfield district of the city completely in the doldrums. Liverpool managed to throw away the Champions League in a final featuring unfortunate goalkeeping errors and now the
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