How to keep warm in your bivvy

When temperatures drop and your only protection from the elements is your bivvy, it makes sense to maximise your comfort. Feeling cold and damp will do little to enhance your enjoyment of your fishing trip and could see you heading for home ahead of schedule.

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Fishing Lakes in Hertfordshire and Surrounding Counties

There is an impressive amount of fishing lakes in the county of Hertfordshire and in the surrounding counties, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Greater London, making it one of the prime UK spots for carp angling. There are a whole host of options available for the highest quality fishing to be had in tranquil and scenic surroundings. Continue reading “Fishing Lakes in Hertfordshire and Surrounding Counties”

World Record Carp Landed in Thailand

At Fishing Bait World Blog we’ve recently highlighted some of the record carp specimens which have been landed in British waters. However, if you want to grapple with a veritable monster then it seems you must head to Thailand! Last month angler Tim Webb spent 90 minutes battling with a really serious specimen. But the fish turned out to be well worth the trouble when it weighed in at 222lb and set a new world record. Continue reading “World Record Carp Landed in Thailand”

Fishing Bonanza – Rainbow Trout Accidentally Released

If you enjoy angling for rainbow trout, then the place to be right now is Denmark! 80,000 fish are unexpectedly swimming free in a Danish fjord, 124 miles west of the capital Copenhagen. Continue reading “Fishing Bonanza – Rainbow Trout Accidentally Released”

Nimmo Bay

Fans of the hit television series Boston legal will be familiar with the sight of the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge. The favourite destination of the irrepressible and fishing mad Denny Crane, Nimmo Bay is no invention of the television script writers. It is a real place and is considered to be one of the finest wilderness lodges on the planet. Continue reading “Nimmo Bay”

The Stunning Kulik Lodge

It’s not cheap but if you want to enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime and then some, you could do a lot worse than heading for Kulik Lodge. This outstanding fishing lodge is situated in the heart of Katmai National Park, Alaska. The scenery is sublime and the fishing is pretty exciting too.

It’s hard to imagine anywhere quite as remote as Kulik Lodge. Surrounded by the peaks and glaciers of the Aleutian Range, the lodge can only be accessed by Continue reading “The Stunning Kulik Lodge”