Fishing app identifies the time and place to land a dream catch

Fishing can be a relaxing distraction when you need to chill out. On those lazy days, it doesn’t really matter what you catch. But if you are targeting a dream catch and want to improve your chances, there’s an app for that!

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Coarse fishing close season – the debate

15 March – 15 June is the close season for coarse fishing. Coarse fishing on rivers is banned during this period but angling on still waters continues. A recent survey revealed that 71% of the 7,000 anglers who voted were in favour of abolishing the close season. But would that be a good idea?

Where’s the evidence?

Those in favour of ending the close season argue that there is Continue reading “Coarse fishing close season – the debate”

A bad week for Liverpool’s anglers

It’s been a bad week for Liverpool! Both footy fans and Anglers have encountered disaster, leaving the Anfield district of the city completely in the doldrums. Liverpool managed to throw away the Champions League in a final featuring unfortunate goalkeeping errors and now the
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Leading Fishery Builds Fences to Protect Stock

Wingham Fisheries near Canterbury, Kent has become the latest establishment to install fencing to protect its fish stocks from otters. A number of British fisheries have been forced to close after losing their stock to the resurgent wild otter. Continue reading “Leading Fishery Builds Fences to Protect Stock”

The Trend for Urban Fishing

If your idea of the perfect place to fish is a countryside location, it might be time to think again. Urban fishing is growing in popularity and could be the next big thing.

Many major cities were developed adjacent to rivers but as the urban sprawl expanded, the rivers were often forced underground or constrained in culverts, drains and tunnels. The city of Sheffieldd is spearheading Continue reading “The Trend for Urban Fishing”

Climate Change and Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing is important! Not only does angling provide a wonderful hobby for millions of participants, it is also crucial to many local and national economies. Those who run fishing lakes, sell fishing gear or organise fishing trips make their living from angling. Fishing opportunities boost regional coffers and rod licenses generate funds for the treasury. Continue reading “Climate Change and Recreational Fishing”

The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On

Every group or club requires a treasurer. They are the guys who handle the cash and that means that’s important that they can be trusted. But how do you know when your trust has been misplaced? Any underhand dealings often only surface when it is too late and the money is already gone. Continue reading “The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On”

Environment Agency Clamps Down on Illegal Fishing

It looks like the authorities are stepping up their war on illegal fishing. Six anglers have found themselves in court recently after fishing in Hampshire waters and three of them ended up having to pay more than £800 each in fines and court costs. Continue reading “Environment Agency Clamps Down on Illegal Fishing”