Should changes be made to coarse fishing seasons?

The coarse fishing close season in England runs from 15 March to 15 June each year and covers the spawning times for most coarse fish in the majority of rivers. The season dates back to 1878 but was removed from still waters in 1995.

The Environment Agency has been considering ending the close season for some time and has conducted several surveys on Angler’s opinions. Predictably, opinions are divided! However, as time passes, more and more anglers are stating that they are looking for change. The number of anglers in favour of ending the close season is growing but many would like to see evidence that there would be no negative impact on the environment.

Image by andy ballard from Pixabay
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How desperate are you for your fishing bait?

If the opportunity arises to take a fishing trip, it can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the right bait to hand. When the shops are closed and it is too late to order online, what do you do? If you are heading out to sea, you could go the beach and dig up the lugworms you need. But even a digging session can go wrong and we don’t mean because there are no worms.

How desperate are you for your fishing bait?
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New drive aims to attract youngsters to angling

Many British anglers believe that the sport is at risk of dying out in this country or at least becoming less relevant. Their concerns surround an ageing population of enthusiasts with less youngsters taking up the sport. Now, Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust, is launching a new campaign aimed at encouraging more young people to get involved in fishing.

New drive aims to attract youngsters to angling
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Young angler inspired by toy plastic fishing rod

When James Penwright was given a plastic magnetic fishing rod as a toddler, it inspired a fascination with water and fishing. He would take the rod to water and try to fish with it and his interest soon progressed as did his ambition. At the age of five, the youngster tried fly fishing for the first time and has now been selected for the England Youth Fly Fishing Team.

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Largest cod of 2018 caught in the Mersey

The Mersey may not be the first river which springs to mind if you are looking for a great day’s fishing. It is a river which had once been severely polluted. Water quality in the river had been impacted by industrialisation since the 19th century. 200 years of pollution had taken its toll and led to the Mersey becoming one of the most polluted waterways in Europe.

Largest cod of 2018 caught in the Mersey
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How to enhance your accuracy

Regardless of the fishing discipline you favour, accuracy could be the difference between an amazing catch and drawing a blank. Location is obviously important, but accuracy comes a close second and shifts the odds firmly in your favour. Here are our top tips for improving your accuracy.

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How to keep warm in your bivvy

When temperatures drop and your only protection from the elements is your bivvy, it makes sense to maximise your comfort. Feeling cold and damp will do little to enhance your enjoyment of your fishing trip and could see you heading for home ahead of schedule.

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Best baits for summer bream

Small bream in hand

Are you chasing bream and not meeting with success? Perhaps you need to rethink your fishing bait! Whether in stillwaters or rivers, shoals of bream can be there for the taking but often manage to avoid your hook completely! You can succeed and without breaking the bank if you choose the right bait.
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The National Angling Survey 2018

salmonAnglers are bound by variety of rules and regulations, the benefits of which may not always be clear. It can be frustrating when you believe that there should be changes to the rules and you lack any authority to influence the powers that be – in the case of angling, primarily the
Environment Agency. But we have great news!

Anglers are being given a chance to shape the future of their sport by participating in the new National Angling survey.

Make your opinion count

The Environment Agency will be seeking the opinions of both current and lapsed rod licence holders via a simple online questionnaire. This will constitute the largest survey of anglers since 2002 when over 300,000 anglers took part and helped to inspire the changes they were looking for.

The 2002 survey led to the creation of free rod licences for junior anglers together with a 365-day permit and a carp licence which permitted anglers to use three carp rods on one licence. The Environment agency have said that they continue to value the opinions of anglers and would like to invite them to help shape the new National Angling Strategy. This will be delivered through various partnerships in the angling community with the aim of enhancing the sport.

The Survey

The new survey will be run on behalf of the Environment Agency by the study group Substance. It will be open to both freshwater and sea anglers. The results will be published via partner organisations including The Angling Trust. Naturally, we will be looking out for the results and will bring you a summary of them right here at Fishing Bait World.

If you would like your voice to be heard, now is your time!

The survey will form the basis of the research required to create a new National Angling Strategy for 2019-2024. This will encompass many aspects of angling including:

• Encouraging more people to take part
• Ensuring that angling better contributes to society
• The governance and funding of angling
• The development of both freshwater and sea angling
• Ensuring that angling helps fisheries to be more sustainable

Consultation and change

In addition to the survey, consultation will be conducted with angling and environmental bodies. This follows the Angling Trust’s Future Angling conference which was held on November 17th. The conference provided a forum in which to collect the opinions of anglers together with those of clubs, fisheries, trade and tackle shops.

Substance are keen that as many anglers as possible take the National Angling Survey to record their views and experiences. Anglers will have a say in how the sport should be developed and who should be responsible for what.

Interested? Keep an eye on the Substance and Angling Trust websites where you will soon find links to the survey. If you don’t take part, you will be passing up one of the few opportunities that you may have to truly make a difference to the future of Angling. Why would you do that?

Why you should become a Stalker

camouflage fishing jacketYou have probably experienced many disappointing days by the lake when there is simply no action to be had. At least there appears to be no action. But what if there was something you could do to snaffle a bite? Sometimes it can pay to turn stalker and hunt down your catch rather than sitting around waiting for it to arrive at your swim.
In warmer weather, stalking will add a little excitement to your fishing trips and might deliver a more productive day. Here’s a few tips on how to become a successful stalker!
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