Why you should become a Stalker

camouflage fishing jacketYou have probably experienced many disappointing days by the lake when there is simply no action to be had. At least there appears to be no action. But what if there was something you could do to snaffle a bite? Sometimes it can pay to turn stalker and hunt down your catch rather than sitting around waiting for it to arrive at your swim.
In warmer weather, stalking will add a little excitement to your fishing trips and might deliver a more productive day. Here’s a few tips on how to become a successful stalker!
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How to keep cool on the bank

You might be well-used to wrapping up warm for a winter fishing trip, but what can you do about the heat? The increasingly extreme weather in the UK is just as capable of delivering a heat wave as freezing conditions. Hot weather can make life extremely uncomfortable but may also lead to sunstroke. Your fishing trip could be cut short and you might end up feeling very ill indeed if you don’t look after yourself.
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How to take better fishing photos

Fisherman holds fish silver coho salmon

Your fishing expeditions will take you to some stunning places and could yield record catches. But how often have you had your camera at the ready to capture a special moment? To make matter’s worse, you have probably taken a few snaps only to be sorely disappointed with the results.
Here’s how to create amazing memories of the places you have visited, the special catches that you have achieved and the amazing moments which light up your life from time to time when your rod is in your hand.
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Landing Your Catch

landing netThere’s nothing more depressing than losing a fish! You spent hours on the bank waiting for a bite and then your prize catch quickly turns into the one that got away! You have lost your golden moment and a great photographic opportunity! Here’s our top tips for playing your fish well and landing your catch.

The rule of opposites

Most species know their underwater environment in detail and so are ready to make a run for any snags and other underwater obstacles at the first sign of trouble. They will head straight towards them and will tend to move in the opposite direction to where you are trying to pull them. If the tip of your rod is to the right, the fish will move to the left. You can use this knowledge to your advantage to lead the fish away from the snags and into your waiting net.
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