How to Make Your Own Boilies

If you enjoy fishing for carp, barbel, catfish or tench, it’s a great idea to make your own boilies. A little DIY enables you to tailor your bait to your needs and to experiment with flavours. Your pride in your catches will be considerably enhanced when you know that you created the successful bait yourself! Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Boilies”

The Trend for Urban Fishing

If your idea of the perfect place to fish is a countryside location, it might be time to think again. Urban fishing is growing in popularity and could be the next big thing.

Many major cities were developed adjacent to rivers but as the urban sprawl expanded, the rivers were often forced underground or constrained in culverts, drains and tunnels. The city of Sheffieldd is spearheading Continue reading “The Trend for Urban Fishing”