The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On

Every group or club requires a treasurer. They are the guys who handle the cash and that means that’s important that they can be trusted. But how do you know when your trust has been misplaced? Any underhand dealings often only surface when it is too late and the money is already gone. Continue reading “The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On”

What is a Zig Rig?

You will have heard anglers talking about zig rigs, but if you’re new to the sport you may be wondering what they are! Zig rigs are nothing new but have become what can only be described as the in thing in recent years for those who are fishing for carp.

A zig rig is nothing more exotic than a suspended floater. It is a long nylon hooklength which sits at a predetermined depth. But this little bit of kit could help you to land a good catch even when all else is failing. Continue reading “What is a Zig Rig?”