Zlatan Ibrahimovic and His Fishing Lake

Love him or hate him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is hard to ignore. The flamboyant, and many would say ‘arrogant’, striker always seems to be in the news. Probably even more so now that he has joined Manchester United. This is a man who has said ‘I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am’.

Clash of the Titans

It will certainly be interesting to see how Ibrahimovic settles in under Jose Mourinho. Will this be a match made in heaven or a clash of the titans? Continue reading “Zlatan Ibrahimovic and His Fishing Lake”

A Guide to Fishing Particle Baits

Particle bait is a cost effective and highly versatile choice. This form of bait includes a range of seeds, pulses and nuts that are appealing to fish and which can be used as both groundbait and hookbait. This type of bait does require preparation, but the time that you spend doing this is balanced by your ability to freeze the prepared particles for future use. So which particle baits should you consider trying?


This particle bait is a highly effective choice that is very appealing to most species of fish. Carp, in particular, find hempseed very hard to resist and it is a rich and oily bait which clearly possesses a tempting flavour.

Hempseed must be Continue reading “A Guide to Fishing Particle Baits”

Fishing – Would You Cheat to Win a Competition?

Most fisherman would never cheat and in the majority of competitions, the stakes are not high enough to tempt the competitors into skulduggery anyway. However, the White Marlin Open is a notable exception. With a prize fund running into millions of dollars, this annual competition is clearly in a league of its own and has now been rocked by huge controversy. Continue reading “Fishing – Would You Cheat to Win a Competition?”