Should Angling be an Olympic Sport?

As the Rio Olympics wowed us with the striking backdrop of the city and the amazing performances, anglers may be left wondering why our sport didn’t feature in this year’s games.

After all, Angling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. It is also one of the most inclusive as people of all ages and both genders can learn to fish and it doesn’t cost the earth to invest in the required equipment. There are no class barriers and angling is popular in virtually every country on the planet. But there are no Olympic medals for angling. Continue reading “Should Angling be an Olympic Sport?”

Would You Like Your Own Carp Lake?

Are you are keen angler who heads for the lakes with your tackle and carp pellets every weekend? If so, then you would probably appreciate having your own carp lake, especially if it was adjacent to your house. Digging a giant hole and filling it with water probably isn’t going to be an option for you but you could invest in a property that has come up for sale in Somerset, UK.

Payvotts Mill Farm

A beautiful eight bedroomed property has recently come onto the market. Payvotts Mill Farm benefits from Continue reading “Would You Like Your Own Carp Lake?”

Too Many Trout

Every angler wants to enjoy a successful day with an impressive catch. But what if the fishing becomes too easy? Sometimes when it feels as though there’s little challenge anglers can become frustrated. This is exactly what has happened on one Hampshire river where there are now so many trout that it is more difficult not to catch one (or several)!

Escaped Trout

The Hampshire Avon is teaming with rainbow trout that appear to have escaped from a fish farm. This is not a native species which means that anglers are not Continue reading “Too Many Trout”

Hempseed Particle Fishing Bait

Hempseed is a highly effective particle fishing bait that is a powerful attractant to most species of fish. It’s rich and oily, inexpensive and versatile meaning that it should shoot straight to the top of your shopping list if you’re yet to try it.

A Little History

Hempseed is the seed of the hemp plant. This is an environmentally friendly crop as it requires no chemical pesticides or fertilisers to grow and it is good for the soil too. Hemp fibres were originally Continue reading “Hempseed Particle Fishing Bait”

How to Boost Your Bait with Attractants

Attractants are big business and offer your intended catch a huge variety of flavours to savour. If you want to increase your luck without too much effort or breaking the bank then attractants could certainly be the way forward but what should you use?

Natural Extracts

Pouring Molasses by Chris Waits via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Pouring Molasses by Chris Waits via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Natural extracts are liquids that are formulated from edible products and that feature proteins and Continue reading “How to Boost Your Bait with Attractants”