A Guide to Artificial Lures

If you’re new to fishing, the world of fishing baits and lures can be a confusing topic. You’ll find you have a vast array of bait and lures to choose from and you may be wondering what’s what and how to make the best choices.

This article is all about artificial lures. This type of lure has the advantage that you can use them again and again, unless of course they’re lost or a fish makes off with them. With a selection of lures at the ready, in time you may discover you have certain favourites that you wouldn’t be without; lures that help you to Continue reading “A Guide to Artificial Lures”

The Most Pathetic Character in the Game

Fishermen dedicate hours of time and employ a fantastical array of equipment and bait in order to land their favoured catch. The pursuit of prize carp can be all-consuming but there’s now a very special carp on the scene that you won’t need carp pellets to find and capture…

Pokémon Go

You probably don’t need me to go into what Pokémon Go is however if somehow you’ve missed the recent frenzy… Continue reading “The Most Pathetic Character in the Game”

Fishing Bait on a Budget

As we’ve highlighted in previous articles, anglers have had amazing success using just about everything as fishing bait. This is great news if you’re really on a budget as it shows that you have plenty of options. If money’s tight then we certainly wouldn’t recommend Continue reading “Fishing Bait on a Budget”

Angler Eats a Potentially Record Catch

Back in 2011 the UK record for a shore-caught Sea Bass was an impressive 19lbs 11oz. However, that record would surely have been surpassed had angler Kurt Price not eaten his prize catch before getting around to weighing it.

The Chosen Fishing Bait and the Catch

Kurt Price was a keen angler from Cwnbran, Wales. He was fishing from the shore in the popular holiday resort of Tenby. At around 10pm one evening he Continue reading “Angler Eats a Potentially Record Catch”

The Stunning Kulik Lodge

It’s not cheap but if you want to enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime and then some, you could do a lot worse than heading for Kulik Lodge. This outstanding fishing lodge is situated in the heart of Katmai National Park, Alaska. The scenery is sublime and the fishing is pretty exciting too.

It’s hard to imagine anywhere quite as remote as Kulik Lodge. Surrounded by the peaks and glaciers of the Aleutian Range, the lodge can only be accessed by Continue reading “The Stunning Kulik Lodge”