All About UK Carp Fishing

Carp are now one of the most popular targets for freshwater fishermen in the UK and Carp fishing tackle is reported to be one of the biggest growth areas in the fishing tackle industry, accounting for a good share of the estimated £600 Million per year in turnover just for the UK market.

Carp fishing is therefore a significant branch of a very profitable industry and one which entices many thousands of participants out onto the riverbank or lake shore every weekend.

So where did the sport come from and how did it become so popular? Continue reading “All About UK Carp Fishing”

When is the Best Time to Go Trout Fishing?

The answer to the question ‘when is the best time to go trout fishing?‘ will depend on where you intend to fish. A warm summer’s day makes the prospect of spending time in the great outdoors an appealing one, but this may not be when the fish are most likely to bite. Perform a quick online search and you will likely find conflicting advice on the best time of year to Continue reading “When is the Best Time to Go Trout Fishing?”

Fishing Liquid Attractants

Folklore and the humble Banana

Ask any boat fisherman about bananas and you’ll probably get a frosty response, suspicious looks and may even get asked to leave the boat if you have been foolish enough to pack one of these seemingly innocent fruits in your lunch box for your day’s fishing expedition. It seems that fishermen in general are a Continue reading “Fishing Liquid Attractants”